DIY Solar Panel and Wind Turbine

Major problems related to energy these days are the ever increasing energy prices and non renewable energy sources which are bound to end, sooner or later. It’s the right time to search for the solution. Power produced from solar energy and wind energy is not only renewable but also environment friendly and perfect for the future world's energy needs. Power generated can be easily converted into electrical energy to reduce energy costs and provide electricity.

So if you want to save electric bills or you want to help the global economy and save the Earth, you’ve no better solution than to opt for DIY solar Panels or DIY wind turbine. Both solar power and wind power are not only clean form of energy but are also very cost effective. If you are prepared to take the time and efforts required to install them into your home, for sure you would be richly rewarded for such commitment.

It is not as tough as you think to make your own Solar panel and Wind turbine using Earth For Energy. Green Planet Earth for Energy will show you precisely how to make it happen.

DIY Solar Panel Installation Guide


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Here are the Recommended tips on how to make your own Solar panel, Wind turbine and other saving Electric energy tips. 

How to build wind turbine:

If you plan to get your own Solar Power System installed, it is a very costly affair and may cost you thousands of dollars! But best part is that you have an option of DIY Solar Panels. There are lots of sites available on internet where you can get the required information on how to build solar panel. Invest in a high-quality instruction manual which would save you from slip-ups and will certainly save your precious time on investigating for what you need.

Although there are many discussion forums and online articles which could provide a great support throughout your project; but Earth4energy is rated the number one guide available today. The folks at Earth4Energy have put together all the information in an outstanding manner which is excellent value for money. This step by step illustration is very easy to follow and this will help you harvesting your own DIY solar power for under $200.

Installing a solar panel at home following Earth4Energy manual is so easy that you need not to have any special skills to install it. So anyone with basic carpentry and joining skills with the dedication can get it done and can save electric bills by up to 80%. Regardless of whether you install yourself or get the experts to do it for you, one thing is for sure that you are going to enjoy a significant reduction in your overall energy bill or in other words a lot more money in your pocket. A small investment on DIY homemade solar panel can get you immediate results. Installing solar panels in your home is also a great way to support the go green movement which is the need of the hour.

Once installed, you can start getting the many benefits of solar energy…Save electricity bills, easy usage, almost no maintenance charges and above all you’re doing your part to help prevent global warming. Solar power systems generate electricity from the renewable source i.e. solar energy, which is available for free and when used to produce electricity it does not produce any harmful pollutants and emissions. Hence it is very beneficial to our environment. At present most of our energy demand is met by power plants which make use of fossil fuel that emits very harmful green house gases resulting in the problems like Global warming, melting of glaciers, extinction of many animal and bird species , sea level rise and lot others. So the best way to reduce our carbon footprint is to look for energies which are healthy for our environment. Solar energy is therefore one of the best options as the source of electricity generation is free of cost, is renewable and is good for our environment. Another important source is wind.

Wind Power Calculation

To calculate your wind turbine generator savings, you need to know the AMWS or Average Mean Wind Speed of your area and the number of kilowatt hours of electricity that you can expect your home wind turbine to generate. 



How to build wind turbine: 

Below Videos explain how you could look for the quantity of electricity that the home wind generator can produce and how much money you able to save monthly.

Wind energy is another form of solar energy and serves as a great backup for long periods of cloudy days. Wind is one of the most effective renewable energy sources that could be used to generate electricity. Wind energy is a clean energy as it does not pollute the environment and have no impact on the climatic changes.

A DIY wind turbine generator is generally a less expensive method to harness the power of the wind for the property. You can generate your own energy through the wind turbine and can get enough energy to meet the demand of your home. Saving dollars is incredibly challenging task today but by knowing how to build wind turbine and installing one, you can definitely save electric bills.

To know, how to build wind turbine doesn’t require having a genius mind. There is loads of information available on the web to guide you. The best guide should be the one which is very easy to follow and convenient to understand, as the people who will follow these guidelines are not all professionals, they may be lay man. And I feel “Earth4energy” is the best match. It hardly matters that you’ve ever worked with your hands before or not, Earth4energy manual has made it so easy that anybody who can read, is determined to do it and follow a step-by-step guide can construct their own DIY wind turbine.

By knowing how to build wind turbine through the detailed step by step information from Earth4energy guide you can easily build one and then you need to mount it at the place where you will get the best output. As winds above the ground tend to be faster and less turbulent than those near the surface, the turbines are mounted on tall towers to capture the most energy. By this when you will generate your own energy, you will get n number of benefits like you are getting the energy from the renewable source which is free and abundant on the Earth, wind energy is environmentally friendly, Wind turbines are tall and do not take up much space on the ground, requires very low maintenance, provides tax benefits, you won’t have to worry about the power cuts and the best part is that it’s a great way to support the go green movement which is the need of the hour.

If you don’t have extra money to throw and want to check the ever increasing costs of living, generate your own power and save electric bills. Moreover the wind power sector and solar power sector are becoming really cost effective with several researches being done so as to cut the installation cost and improve the efficiency of the facility. With the step by step details and plenty of pictures & diagrams given in the Earth4energy guide, anybody can make solar panels and wind turbine at an affordable cost.


Earth for Energy DIY Guide Review:

Earth for Energy is a new program that enables any home owner to build their own solar panels. Using this program properly can help to save a home owner lots of money and also add a high level of additional value to their home. Earth for Energy is an easy to follow guide and DIY video series so, people can make their own solar panels at way under retail cost and save thousands of dollars. Earth for Energy is an easily learned comprehensive solar panel program.

Earth for Energy comes in six easy to follow parts. Part one covers the basics of solar energy. In Part one you will learn how solar energy is generated. You'll learn about the components needed to create a complete solar installation. Part two includes step by step instructions on how to build fully functioning solar panels with the panel casing and learning how to wire together all of the cells. Diagrams and pictures will answer your questions and help you build your solar panel for under one hundred dollars. Part three comes with four resources referred to as the Solar Help Package. This includes a solar calculator to show you how many panels are needed to power your home. A handy guide to help you install and mount solar panels like a roofing professional. Solar tax credit and rebate forms and a guide to electrical wiring plans rounds out Part Three. Part four is the Earth for Energy video series to show you the proper ways of solar panel installation. Part five covers wind energy and shows  how to make your own wind turbine. Part six is the bonus video series.

Earth for Energy is the easy to follow solar energy guide that helps home owners make their homes energy efficient and save money.

Clearer Picture of what Earth For Energy Package will provide:


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